Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know it's a lil too late to post this but I still want to post it cause this will be the only blog about Christmas...Due to busy workload, we don't really go anywhere for Christmas to take picture. And this picture below were also taken a few days after Christmas...No prize for guessing where is this place as I'm pretty sure all of you know where is it. Haizz, this will be the only shopping mall's Christmas picture I managed to take.

A family shot for Christmas...

Feel hungry and tired after taking picture, and don't know what to eat...Kelvin suggested for Chili's. It's actually been a long time we never go there...so why not?.The quality of the food there is still the same over the years...Being a person who knows to enjoy god food, this has been one of Kelvin's favourite...Why? Because he can also watch for football...

Here's some pics of us and foods took there..

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