Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally, it's december

Finally, its December... a month whereby everyone has lots of stuff to do, clearing their leave, planning for holiday be it local or and wedding (up todate, I've already got 4 to go..)

As for me, i might say its kinda a busy month and also the poorest month of the whole year for me. Why?
  • Joseph School Fees
  • Joey birthday

  • Mom birthday

  • 4 wedding invitations

  • Chinese New Year next month!!!
Pheww...i got a cold sweat thinking of all this stuff which need quite a lot of money.

Bout my mom birthday, I can't celebrate with this year as I'm attending a wedding dinner on that day thus I have gone back last week to pre-celebrate with her.

So I have called my grandma and my auntie to join as well, the more the merrier, rite? But my grandma and auntie was too clever..keep asking me why I treat them dinner, win lottery?Of course not, but I don't want to tell them.

As usual after dinner, we went to grandma house and surprise... a birthday cake bought from my auntie to my mom... haha, they already guess it.

Happy birthday, mom... wish you happy always and also always in your best state of, I love u!! and thanks for everything

Whenever its come to food, there'll sure be Joey there...I want the BIGGEST slice, popo

Joey waiting patienly for the cake...

She looks kinda dissapointed huh, cause popo only give her a cherry... kakaka, anyway thank you, popo...muakss

And lastly for all those working don't worry, we all still have 3 days of Public holiday: 8th - Hari Raya Haji, 25th - Christmas and 28th - Awal Muharam. Deducted those leaves left, Sat and Sun and bonus coming to our pocket, December will be another easy month to go...

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