Sunday, December 28, 2008

Junkfood Queen~

who lovess to buy but not eating junk food..whenever I saw any cute cute packaging junk food (well, not only's almost anything), I will surely have a look at it for a moment. And then slowly slowly put into the trolley..Sometimes I'll just buy it, but not for eating, hahaha... me myself don't know when I have stopped my liking for all these junk food... Sometimes will share it with my coll, sis and 2 people whose benefits most is of course Jo and Joey...

This moo moo biscuit @ RM1.50

Strawberry filled marshmallow... RM2.20

Chocolate ring...RM3.90

Potato crisp and Sesame paste ultra thin biscuit @ RM2.80 each

Actually we have already queue up at the cashier, ready to pay the bills, suddenly my eyes scanned a mini stall having alot of cute cute mini snacks... but we are in the express lane which mean it's going to be our turn very soon... but Kelvin says, you want to see, then see laaaa
Haha, of course I'll go and see anddd buy lo...

RM6.00 for 100 gram...quite expensive huh, but too bad, don't have the chance to try it, cause all these were already in Jo and Joey stomach...sob..sob

I remember the sales person say it's very nice and all these is from Taiwan and they will only sell it during Chinese New Year... well, of course I'll be back to buy more

And this cute cute bear bear container of jelly is bought by my sis as a birthday present for me (hmm hmm, but she only buy, mom is the one who pay it). She still remember I told Kelvin to buy for me as birthday present because I ask him not to waste money buying expensive stuff, this will do. But who knows he din't buy...Only get this surprise when I'm back to Seremban... loves it

It's ain't cheap anyway...If I'm not mistaken should be RM29.90...Had taste the jelly, really awfull...nobody likes it even Jo and Joey, but anyway thanks a lot, sis...

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