Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Noble House

This is the place that we have been long wanted to go since last year. After we saw Jackson blog, 1st review and 2nd review on this place, I have already decide that I must go this place.

But due to lots of reason it has postpone one time and one time since last year until at last we finally made it.

And this is what make us here, haha... Sharkin.. This place actually provide buffet on every SUNDAY (only) from 11.30 til 2.30pm. You can choose for the RM39++ (Braised Shark Fin with Crab meat & Crab roe) or RM50++ (Double boiled Stuffed Shark Fin in Chicken Wing)

And this is what we have choose, the one which is RM39++, here come my shark fin..yum yum!!

Beside shark fin, you can also enjoy their buffet line... My first round, got salmon, baby octopus, lobster salad....

My second round, looks yummy rite?

Steamed egg with mince meat..

Orange + Meat floss + dried shrimp = weird taste, haha

Roasted pork... the nicest I ever had...

Wrapped Peking duck skin, this one also very nice.. the skin is very crispy..


And more picture....

Well, if you are interested, make sure you make reservation as it won't be having this buffet weekly. As when I call them previously, if there are having any function on that particular Sunday then they'll won't have it.

To make reservation, here go the phone num: 03-2145 8822, Noble House, 19 Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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