Saturday, December 20, 2008


After so many good review of this place and being a fan of Japanese food myself, have decide to try this Japanese Restaurant with my HP eating member...actually have been here previously with kevin, so this shall my 2nd time here, the first time we had go for a-la-carte, but this time is the ALL-YOU-CAN eat buffet which only available on every Sunday

Its RM55++ per pax...

Wasabi, shoyu, plate.... ready??? let's go....

Wah... our first's so beautiful right? and yummyyyy too..If you are a Japanese food lover, i'll bet you' like it too..

Prawn tempura..

Ageshi tofu... hhmmm, very nice

Unagi which everyone of us love, if I'm not mistaken, we have ordered 2 or 3 times for this

Edame bean..

And lastly but not time ice cream, we have ask for 2nd round for this too...hehehe

Picture with Jessey, Jenny, Me and Edwin.. after a satisfying Japanese buffet lunch..

What are you waiting for? Make your reservation now... remember only on Sunday yea.. Rakuzen, Chulan Square. Tel: 03-2145 6200

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