Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffee Bean n Cookies

While arrived office yesterday' morning, spotted something extra on my desk...Hey, I saw a box of Coffee Bean and some cookies...I was wondering...someone accidentally put it here?

Well, it's actually from Ethan, the lovely guy who's so nice..those whose backing him while he's on his 2 weeks long leave get the cookies as well...

Ehemm, but Mandy get an extra slice of Coffee Bean's Chocolate cake..Why? Because I'm the primary backup for his Australia's product, furthermore he's just left before doing all the month end report...and that was also the peak period where they were really lotsa request..Luckily, my Indonesia request is not that much, but nvm, who don't face this kind of day there gonna be my turn also, right?

Anyway, thanks Ethan..
It's time for me to enjoy the cake with a cup of Nescafe...a great start of the day...

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