Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lion Dance n Dome

04 Jan 2009, 2nd day of the Lion Dance competition...Kelvin friend told him that no need to susah susah stand with the crowd to watch the show...You can just sit down comfortablely at Dome there watching the show while enjoying your favourite cup of coffee or tea..there will also be some guard helping you to chase those people blocking your view to go away...Hmm, wasn't that a great idea?

As such, we have settled down at the front row at Dome, hohoho...of course, you have to be early bird in order to get the front row...

For a start, we have a big big Rainbow cookies for Joe and Joey to share...RM5.50++

3 pieces of biscotti for me and Kelvin@ RM5.50++ as well

Kelvin has ordered for a Large Flavoured Latte @ RM13++

While for me, I have ordered the refillable green tea @ RM10.50++

Feeling a bit bored, had ask someone to take a photo of me with the I Love Dome ballon... mandy with I Love Dome ballon take 1

mandy with I Love Dome ballon take 2...

They even have menu for kids now...

Some item on their menu, Cucumber Cooler RM11.90++ wanna try?

Dome Afternoon Tea, something worth to try as for only RM19.80++, you can get one scone, chicken and potato curry puff, carrot cake and one hot coffee or tea.

Somes photo for your viewing, some of them are really skilled while some are not really that lucky, it's okie if you fall down and you can climb up back..but not for one of the contestant, One of them, fall down twice and the 2nd time he falls, he's already unconscius and is rushed to the hospital.

I know it's must take a long time to upload all those video of this lion dance...anyway, those intrested to view it, you can e-mail and I shall be very happy to assist you... haha

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