Monday, January 26, 2009

Secret Recipe RM15++ promo

As usual, for Chinese, we normally don't cook during CNY, we will just eat outside instead.. But the things is what to do eat? Well, that's really a million dollar question to answer, hahah...

At first, we plan to go for a movie outing with my family thus we have go to Jusco...Actually I have called their booking line but no one answer and during CNY, they don't accept online booking with credit card payment... too bad.

It's even worse when we arrived there and found that all the shows were fully booked...singh

Still, we need to eat, rite? Mom says no to Pizza Hut, Sis says no to Mcdonald, Kevin also says no to KFC...difficult?

At last, we settled down on the Secrect Recipe which is currently having this RM15++ promo..For this price, you can get one main and one drink. For main, you can choose to have Grilled chicken: Black pepper / Mushroom / Bbq or Spaghetti: Chicken / Beef / Tom yum. As for drink you can either choose for Ice Lemon Tea or Soft Drink.

All of us have choose for Ice Lemon Tea..

Mom have choose for Black pepper grilled chicken...she says not nice

This is mine, Mushroom grilled chicken... I think not bad, I will always choose for this one

While Kelvin have choosed for this Bbq grilled chicken, he has not comment on it, so it's nice or not??

Sis choose for Spaghetti Bolognese...

I have ordered this Kids menu of Mini Burger and Alphabet for Jo and Joey to share..

As for dessert, Jo and Joey have this Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream and smarties..

As for us, we have ordered 3 different slices of cake to share..

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