Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lai Foong Beef Noodle

When it's come to eating time on weekend, we will usually started to cracked our head thinking...and thinking...Do you have this kind of problem as well?

Passed by this shop last Sunday while we were rounding around the neighbourhood for food to eat...Kinda surprised when I saw the name of the shop "RESTORAN LAI FOONG", which is also selling beef noodle. Questions started to pooped out my head... is this the same shop in Leboh Ampang? Or it's just a coincidence?

Everything seems to be answered when we stepped into the shop whereby we saw the photo of their old shop in Leboh Ampang on the wall...which I guess is still operating...But I just never expected that this kind of shop too will open up for branches...Haha

They are offering quite much of choices as beside Beef Noodle, there is also Chicken Hor Fun, Fried Keow Teow, Toasted Bread and Half boiled egg as well...

As for me, of course I will go for what they are famous for which is Beef Noodle. I have choose for the Dry one... on top of there are some chopped salted vege, coriander leave and spring onion...

For the meat, you can choose as well...For those adventurous one, you can choose for the mix where you can have the chance to try a bit of everything...

My bowl of Beef Ball, Lean Meat, Tripe, Tendon...just love the taste of their soup

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