Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shanghai's snacks

Get this from one of my Shanghainese coll..Well, I have never been to Shanghai myself but I wish that I can one day..As it's one of the costlier city to live in the world..

If I really wanted to go, I might to plan carefully, haha...One of them are going back end of this year whereby she has asking whether I'm interested to go along...Well, with accomodation provided, I'm still thinking...As she told me, she has checked for the air fare which is quite expensive (no Air Asia yet ma..haha!)

I'm actually quite tempted with the food that she keep commenting to me everyday in office..bout how tasty it is...ohh...

Okie, before I really had the chance to fly myself there, I think I shall started with this local snacks which is some sort of dried meat which is vacum packed. I was actually wondering what meat it is since I do not know Chinese myself.. till my coll told me one is beef jerky while another is bbq pork to be consume

This is the beef jerky...Hmm, contains lotsa spices, I think it's to covered those beeffy smell...I brave myself for one bite, Gulp...Second bite, give up! Even though I eat beef, but I really can't stand the taste and it end up into my dustbin...haha!

Well, for the bbq pork meat...This taste a lot better. As I have actually finish it up, Wahaha...It's actually some sort what we have here...but it's taste lighter, thinner, less oilier... I like this...

But somehow I don't know why I still have the misconception of the food from China..too much issue especially after the melamine case...extra careful with food product from China...But I was too tempted to try out..Well, If I'm hospitalised the next day, then you know what happened la...Hahaha

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