Thursday, April 30, 2009

olives @ capsquare

olives - another new place to hangout for breakfast which we just discovered recently...well, for me all the cafes and eateries looks kinda the same @ capsquare, all with the posh looking..just get to know from hubby that most of this caters especially to those high-end residences next block..ohh, really?

But you can still actually find lots of locals hanging out around here before the office hour start. From the name olive, you must be thiking it's some sort of english cafe serving american stlye breakfast. Haha, you are very wrong then...The food there serve here consist of a quite wide range, mostly Malaysia local fare for example nasi lemak, kuih-muih, sandwhiches...and also some of the things you wouldn't expect for example "Gui Ling Guo"??

A creactive by using chalk to draw the ever colourful picture ... and also another quick way to show you what they have

Tasty and colorful Malaysia local kueh-mueh on display...which is your favourite?

For something cold in the morning, Iced Nescafe and Iced Nescafe O @ RM1.80 each...Don't be fooled by the looks, it doesn't really looks nice but it taste awesome!!

For something hot, Hot Milo @ RM1.60

Nasi Lemak @ RM1.50 each, served together with a dallop of sambal, anchovies, peanut, half boiled egg and together with the coconut fragrant rice...

Kueh-mueh @ RM0.60 each...yummy!! Adrena keep commenting on how nice is the kueh...Ohh, and this is what makes me go back the next day to take a way some of it...Very very true. Could not stop wondering what makes all the kueh here so delicious??

Wholemeal turkey ham sandwhich @ RM3.80 which in my own opinion, taste a lot better than o'briens sandwhiches...Haha!

Lot G13, G15 & G19 Ground Floor
Cap Square Centre
Persiaran Cap Square
50100 Kuala Lumpur

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ayie@3bond said...

yeah ... olives ... great places~!!

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