Friday, May 1, 2009

thai-la @ capsquare

Wow, another new discovery at capsquare. If it wasn't because of we could not find for nearer parking, we wouldn't know that there were a Thai restaurant exist here...named thai-la. Frankly speaking, from the name it was quite confusing as there is a la followed by the word thai, so is this place trying to tell us is half thai half malaysian? Haha, whatever...what matter most is the food, i guess...

thai-la set meal which we doesn't seems to interests us...

As we are more interested on the a-la-carte...

Colorful picture of the food served here...

Looks appetising, huh?

a not so thai-la chinaware...

Lemon grass drink @ RM2.90, Soya bean @ RM2.90, Plain water @ RM1.00

Hot honey lemon @ RM4.40 and Iced honey lemon @ RM4.90

Lemongrass Fried rice @ RM11.90

Belacan Fried rice @ RM11.90

Pineapple Seafood Fried rice @ RM12.90

Tom Yam Goong Mee Hoon @ RM12.90

Green curry Seafood Mee Hoon @ RM11.90

Massaman Chicken with rice @ RM13.90

Dessert @ RM6.90

Overall verdit, there were some good and some bad reviews from my coll...If you really want to try out this place, you can let go the Belacan Fried rice as it's taste super salty, which all f us have tried, haha..As for the other, you are safe to consume it.

I can say it's not the best thai restaurant around but it's still at a acceptable level for me...Erm, there were no address printed on the receipt nor any businness card. But finding it were not difficult at all, if you can find Starbucks and Modesto, then this thai-la is just in between of them...

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