Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally....It's over...pheww~

And it's time for me to loosen my breath a lil bit...What I mean here is my semi-annual are considered 99.99% almost done...And after all these non-stop tired, horrible late nights at office, finally I got a chance to go back home on the dot...And it's been such a long time I din't see daylight when I left my office... Ohhh! lightsss

Weew...After all these hard work, of course I need to pamper myself a lil bit, rite?I need to make myself feel better, rite? So what can I do?

Of course buy myself a new shoe, most of shoes have been worn out and I've left only a fews which is still so so but it's gonna be in a retired condition soon...Haha, last few weeks already got one broken while coming down from the LRT stairs, then last week got one more bitten off by my puppy...So no choice, must buy new one or else I'll need to go bare foot...Woow, I have actually bought 3 pairs instead of 1, hahaha...considered it's been a long time I didn't shop for's not over, rite?

Next, stop by the magazine stall to get myself a copy of the latest magazine which is nothing but food...have been following this magazine for a few months, I don't know but I think I prefer their last fews edition...Those lately one were not as good though...

Somemore what? Of course to make a stop at the Sushi Stall and grabbed some back home...

And yea, not to forget about these 2 lil monsters...really miss them a lot this few weeks..As it they have lost their mommy, as when I went to work, they are still ZZZZzzzzZzz and when I'm back from work, they are already ZZZZzzzzZzz...

Something else to look foward for next week "Salary Day" is to eat of course, what else huh??

You interested too? Let me know...


petpetkia said...

hi mandy, was googling and found your blog.. by the way, where is this japanese buffet?

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...'s the Gen Japanese Restaurant at the Legend...taste were actually so so onli

but if you are interested, you can visit my link here at:


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