Monday, June 22, 2009

Restoran Ful Lai

After the unfullfilling dinner at Nippy Noddle, we decided to go for food hunt again...cafes,pub and restaurant are seems to be mushrooms around that area...all of them looks so attractive..but I think we better play safe and doesn't want to end up dissapointed again. Thus, we went to the Dim Sum shop we regularly go which is "Ful Lai"

The usual and unusual dim sum fare they served here...there supposed to be more choice. Some unusual stuff that you can get here for example curry pai kuat, fook chow fishball, tai tai lap pork ball, pandan chicken, octopus, sliced abalone, escargot,...etc, etc, etc... something there also served some amazing dessert.

And can you tell me where else you can get to have the whole bottle of mayonnise by yourself? Other place, they only served it in a small plate, somemore like want to give, like don't want to give pattern...

Since we are already 50% full...we just ordered some for sharing...

Another reason this have been my favourite place is because there were really alots of prawn meat in the dimsum. Unlike other places, the ratio of the pork meat is more than the prawn meat...Here, you can really have every bite of your dim sum full of prawns..

As I have say, they used more prawns, so please be expected that the price will also be slighty higher la, hahaha...but I guess still considered affordable...

Jessey' review Ful Lai Dim Sum

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