Monday, June 22, 2009

Snacks from Shanghai again...

Ivy and Rain has gone back Shangai to cleared their leaves...and to my surprise both of them have brought back alot of snacks from Shangai...All of them looks so colourful...have tried some of them which is not bad...and also not to forget, the priceless souvenier which is coca cola from Shanghai...thanks gal

Compilations photo of all the snacks...for your enjoyment..

From left to right, up to bottom: rose sweets, crispy biscuit with jelly in the middle, walnut cake, shanghai' coke, next to it, errr...this is something which I'm still wondering, If I'm not mistaken I heard something like dried meat and someone told me it's dried tofu...but looks more like raw meat to me, hahaha...and lastly some not overly sweet sweets..I don't have time to ask them what exactly is all these stuff as I don't know to read Chinese...before I know what's that I don't think I'm that brave enough to chew it, hahaha...

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