Monday, July 20, 2009

Celine @ Kwai Seong wedding dinner @ Sam You

Another wedding dinner to attend and this time is at Serdang which was Kelvin's friend AGAIN!Anyway, it should be a joyful occasion which everyone should be happy bout it...Another couple tying the knot and I'm here to congrats them and wishing them happily ever after, haha...yea, sounds like fairy tale ending...

And here goes my camera capturing some of their happy moments that nite...The flower girl and boys look so sweet, does the 3 of them looks like sibling? yes, in fact they are..

Time for the food again, I was sitted at the table with only 6 adults and the 3 kids so I was really stuffed that nite. It's either I'm too hungry because I've already slowed down after the 3rd dish - fish, and that was also because I've took 2 bowls of shark fin. First time tasted a shark fin that nice, with sooo much ingredients in it, every mouthful of crab meat...yum yum. Fish were steamed to perfection, 2-style of chicken and prawns which mean we can eat mooore...absolutely satisfied, as normally wedding dinner dish doesn't taste that delicious...

After the 5th dish, the following seems to be untouched, such a waste...wish i could tapao (paiseh)

Restoran Sam You
No. 1, Jalan Muhibbah 3,
Taman Muhibbah,
43300 Sri Kembangan,
Tel: 03-8945 1197

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