Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Durian Buffet @ SS2

Did you notice that Durian Buffet seems to be the most talkable topic recently? I do eat durian but I'm just not that durian craze. Still, I can't miss it, rite?Thanks to Carysse for recommending such a nice place for this time Makan gang gathering...

So far, I just get to know about the Durian Buffet which is at SS2, those familiar with that area will never missed it as it's just behind the SS2 police station. There were a fews store so you can actually take a look and survery around before decide which one to go...This is the one which we actually go for, for RM10 per pax you are allowed to eat as many durians as you can.

Take a look at the durians that we have, FYI this is the first round...and for the other round, there were no more such good durians for us, and they have actually started to served us those not so good quality one...I wonder how about the other stalls? Is it also the same? Is that all their tactic?

With Carysse, the gal that already have her durian buffet for the 3rd week in a row. Geng ar!!

Thanks again for the Aussie and Vietnam's Coca Cola from Carysse and Jessey, love it very much...

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