Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Palate Palette

I would like to say so so so sorry to Makan gang if any of them is reading this post...ehehe, because I can't wait to go to Palate Palette already...

Have read quite alot of review bout this place before and really wish to try it out. At first I've no idea where is it, both Jalan Mesui and Jalan Nagasari sounds so unfamiliar to me. It's all happened until one day, while I was passing by my favourite pork noodle shop only I found out that it's just at the same row...Yea, that's life..always get the unexpected when you did not expect it. I found at here, they just like to play around with colours, be it the interior, decoration and even the food, everything looks so colourful...scrool further to see more colours.. Ahh, just feel so happy seeing colorful things, don't you?

Here you can choose to sit in the inside...

Or the outside open air area...I won't mind be seated either place...If you noticed something, most of the things here is made from recycled item. Did you see the chairs?And the table that we are sitting is actually a sewing machine...hahaha, creative and so stylish huh?

The owner has also make some painting on the wall and also on the mirror.

Another reason I'm here on weekdays is also because of the weekdays set lunch. For RM20++ you can choose to have one Starter/Soup/Salad, one Entree and one Drink. If you top up another 7++ you can also have one more dessert...

Our drinks – Asam Boi and Iced Mint tea. There were alot of mint leaves in the mint tea, quite a refreshing drink...As for the Asam Boi, well you know Asam Boi, sour, salty drink...

Complimentary bun, was warm and soft, there were also some butter to go with the bun..

The Shrimp and avocado salad - menu describe this as rich and creamy avocado covered with a shrimp igloo...can I have more shrimp for the igloo, pls?

Chicken Lolipops - fried chicken boxing served together with roasted chili mayo...

Our entree - Fish and Chips, don't be fooled by the ordinary name as you'll be surprised that this is not a normal Fish and Chips - 2 slices of Tempura fried dory fish with assorted potato and yam chips...I feel this is more like a lolipop to me...The potato and yam chips were so crispy at the outside while inside is soft and chewy.

Next entree is the Lamb & Onions - Honey Worchestershire marinade with mint yoghurt sour cream.

Dessert time - Ginger Creme Brulee - served with almond biscotti, I can described this as some sort of baked caramel pudding whereby the top is a layer of crunchy caramel...mandy like this

Green Tea Mille Feuille - Green tea pastry cream sandwiched in layers of sesame crispy pastry, with raspberry coulis...this is so cute, green tea ribbons...mandy like this too

Now, you know what I mean by they like to play with colours? Even the food are so colorful, I find that they are so artistic, it's like they are painting the food...And this is place is full of quircky design which make them stand out of the rest.This is really a great place to hang out with friends too...I really hope that I can hang out with my Makan gang at here one day...

Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar
21 Jalan Mesui,
Off Jalan Nagasari
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2142 2148

Open Sunday & Weekdays 12pm - 12am
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 2am
Closed Monday


Carysse said...

huhu mandy, never wait for us.... so nice. the fish n chips so tempting la.... do u mind to go again with us? hehe...

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...

sure, y not? but weekends dun have set lunch...the fish n chips were seriously nice and taste quite special, I'm sure you'll like it

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