Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flip Flap

Flip Flap or whatever it calls...just realised it's getting more of this stuff in the office. Expert says after facing at the computer too long, then by looking at something green will ease your tiring eyes..Yea, it's never easy to find for plant inside any office..but this Flip Flap does looks like some small pot of flowers, rite? From simple design to those with cuter one, I just love all of it. How I wish I can have more of this..It's so cute, aren't they?

Don't like moving plants? I think moving object can heals the tiring eye too...The Shin Chan is just so cutezz...Guess most of us have seen this stuff before, it can been almost everywhere especially inside the car. But don't you think its kinda irritating seeing something moving while driving. Wherever you put it, I don't think putting it in the car is a good idea...

Feel like want to get one as well? Go ahead, but price may vary from where you buy it.. As usual, price at the market will tend to be much cheaper than buying it from Shopping Mall as you can bargain for it...Some nicer design will also cost more.

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