Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jojo birthday @ Rakuzen

Jo has always loves Japanese food, just like his mommy. So this year for his birthday, have decided to treat him for a Japanese meal...have been thinking to go for Japanese buffet or the a-la-carte place? Well, buffet is always the wiser choice as the price is already fixed so you won't be worrying while calculating the bill while eating...hahaha (that's life after married with 2 kids)

Jogoya, Tenji, Saisaki and Shogun is totally out as for the J and T price will be more than RM200++ for adults only, kids too are charged which depend on their height, unlike last time kids below 12 eat for free...As for the 2 S, undoubtly it will be packed on weekends...Thus Rakuzen has become the choice as reservation is need due to the limited seat which also mean they won't be any excessive people so you can eat your food comfortably... (again, that's life after married with 2 kids...become very good at math)

Papa with the birthday boy...

Mommy with Joey...she's not crying, that's how she laugh...ugly huh

As usual, we ordered from the one piece menu - and food will be served upon order - another reason I like to be here - more fresh food, unlike the other japanese buffet whereby food alredy precooked...

FYI, all the food shown below is for one wastage will be charged and since we not sure how much the kids will eat...

As usual and always, this is the food which is highly recommended (ahem, I'm sure I can't go wrong since this is the 4th time I'm here...)

Previous visit to Rakuzen, pls click the link below:

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JC @ Jessey said...

Hey Mandy mama.. Can you celebrate my birthday at Rakuzen too??? Haha.. I believe all the makan gang miss the green tea ice cream!!!

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