Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunch delivery by Bento King

While I was cleaning my drawer, found this...it was kinda a outdated flyer actually. I think I have been keeping it for few months dy.But since we usually don't know what to have for lunch, why don't we just give it a try? I was acting clever by passing it around for my coll to place the order...

If we make our order before 10.30 am, then we can get 10% discount...of course, we make it. And if order were more than 5 set, RM1.50 delivery charge will be void as well. In total, we have make 16 order with everyone choosing the food they like. And as promised, food arrived before 12pm which they have make it on time.

I didn't sense anything wrong until... Lee asking me: Mandy! Where is my Sesame Sauce Chicken and Peggy asking for her Asparagus Prawn Set...Uh oh!! Where is it?? No Sesame Sauce Chicken and Aspragus Prawn to be found, but there were extra set of Garden Salad and Bitter Melon Chicken...I was blur for a while before I go back to check for the receipt...In receipt, Set A were printed as Garden Salad and Set H were Bitter Melon Chicken...OMG!!Sense something not so good...Call them and found out I'm having the outdated menu and they have actually changed to a new menu...It's all my fault. If not, the poor guy which is the carnivor won't be a herbivor today...eating salad

Lee's Garden Salad Slice Chicken Set - RM5.90

This is mine, the most expensive set RM8.90 - Chicken Chop set

Japanese Beancurd Set - RM4.90

Bitter Melon Braised Chicken Set - RM5.90

Curry Chicken Set - RM5.90

Fried Chicken Set - RM5.90

Fried Fillet Set - RM5.90

Lemon Sauce Chicken Set - RM5.90

For me, all these bento doesn't look anything like the Japanese bento, more on the Chinese style. But anyway, in a standard bento you can have a balance of everything - rice, meat, egg and some vege and also fruits, some commented that the food taste OK as well.

So if you wanna try it, pls be more clever than me...don't be blur blur like me. Check out their website for more info on their outlet contact, delivery location and also the menu before placing your order.


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