Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Makan makan during Raya...

Well, it's a makan session during the long raya season which is not any malay's house but at grandma house...sometimes it's so good when you have a holiday which is jointly together with the weekends so you have a longer rest. I think because of that my aunts has organize this makan makan session for us...

One good thing bout my family members is all of them like food as I do esp good food...and most of them have been and some still in the food whenever I'm invited for all these makan makan, I'm surely won't get disappointed with it!

And this time theme is western food:green green broccoli, stir fried onions, potato salad with orange skin and buttered corn.

Meat: Chicken, Beef or Pork chop which is well marinated, it's tasty enough that you don't even need any gravy to go with it...or if you like, you can try to have the pork chop with some sweet and sour orange sauce?

No rice for that the spaghetti have substitute the rice...

Ahhh!! such a satisfying meal... looks delicious to you too?

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