Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Restoran BB

When talk about Connaught, most of the people will straight away mentioned bout the famous wednesday night market. But I just discovered recently from a friend that there's one more thing Connaught is actually famous for - Dim Sum street. And one of the favourite place of mine for Dim Sum is this Restoran BB. If you doesn't like to wait for long and would like to opt for a cleaner, nicer and comfortable place for dim sum, I'll recommend this place for you.

I still remember eating here would cost us a bomb due to the environment and also because of the dim sum here is mostly made of whole prawn meat. And that was last time, really long time ago. I didn't even realise when they have start the have the RM2.88 each dim sum promo thing...which sound so unbelievable

Let start with something plain - a bowl of porridge whereby you can choose to have Century Egg porridge or the Peanut porridge

The usual steamed dim sum fairly consist of nice looking "Har Gau" with a very transparent skin. "Siew Mai" is also one of our favourite. And the "Tri color seaweed dim sum" is something new...I just loved those place which still served their dim sum in the bamboo steamer, that's the way it so be served - traditionally

Some fried stuff - both of the right hand side got a lot of juicy prawns inside. While the yam puff where equally nice as well, fluffy crispy skin which is not overly oily.

Mini egg tart to end the meal. And for all these you'll only need to pay RM32.80 inlcuding a pot of Chinese tea. This also mean we have ordered for 10 items whereby each of it cost the same price RM2.88

Restoran BB
106, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

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