Monday, September 7, 2009


Tempt-a-tempT or in Chinese it's know as "Tan-yat-tan". Eventhough it's located a little further down from the busy road of Taman Segar, one still won't miss this place thanks to the brighly red colour of their restaurant signboard. As usual, it's weekend the day where are not just lazy to cook but also lazy to think of what to eat. We just got into car and hubby just found a parking which is right in front of this shop.

Nice interior...

Comfy place...

Red colour menu. The wet tissue which cost RM0.80. Nope, money wasn't the issue but they charge us for 4 but they are actually only 2. Mine fault, didn't check the bill

For the kids. Just love those place that standby those eating untensil for the kids. And this is from IKEA, all made from soft rubber, even it's fall it's wont interrupt the person next table.

Drinks from left: Iced Ribena & Longan RM3.50
In the Middle: Iced Blue Ocean RM3.50
On the right: White Coffee RM3.50

Starter - Century Egg with Ginger and Vinegar RM4.00. Normally I'll just eat it plain which brough from the Lok Lok store. But at here with the way they prepare, I found the century egg taste alot better. The sesame oil and also sesame blends well with the century egg...make it more flavorful to eat...

Chef recommended - XO Loh Mee RM10. It's a lil bit pricy but it's so delicious. I wonder is it because of the XO sauce? There also some very crunchy prawns and abalone slices in the mee. Jojo and Joey wipe it clean. Highly recommended!!

As for us, we have ordered some dishes to eat with together with rice.

Creamy Buttered Japanese Escargot RM15. Generous serving of chewy escargot cooked together with butter milk...nice~

Ying Yong Kai Lan RM12. The first time I taste this dish were long time ago and that's why I have ordered for it. Just love the crunchiness of the shreeded kai lan leaves but why must it be Kai Lan? Can't it be other vege? Spinach? or Sawi...

And lastly, Tofu with Enoki Mushroom RM10. Actually this should be come first because hubby must eat his rice with some gravy. He just can't eat his rice if its too dry. So you can expect him mumbling thru the meal, why there is no gravy and are we being vegetarian today? where's the meat??? Oppss..when I told you the dishes that I ordered and you say it's fine. And now...

Overall, we enjoy the dishes here and will surely recommened it to friends. There is also having some promotions. I guess the next time I'm here, I definetly try out the roasted meat which looks so tempting. Check out this place:

Tempt-a-tempT BBQ
No: 24 Ground Floor
Jalan Manis 3 Taman Segar,
Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-9132 0229

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