Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happi birthday to me...

First of all, thanks so much for all the birthday wishes...be it tru sms, facebook, before the day, on that day itself and also those belated wishes...you all know who you are. Nah, kevin don't say I never thanks ppl for wishing me happi birthday ok!
As usual, nothing much special happened for this year birthday...it just passes like that, I don't even have a birthday cake, someone says want to buy but I still didn't get it till today...Well, no birthday cake, but got this so called birthday present - makan guide book
Chui Ling - One day five meals. I'm pretty sure most ppl already know about this makan show on Astro. For those who have misses any episode or didn't jot down the address of the nice makan place, can get a copy of this book.

The POPULAR food guide - I prefer this more, as it's more colorful, more thicker than the one up there...furthermore, it's bilingual which suits people like me which do not know how to read chinese...

With these 2 useful guide, we don't have to worry when we run of idea on what to eat. Happy hunting for food...

Kwan just back from HK trip and bought us some cute looking snacks...After seeing it, you must be thinking the same as me. He went to HK or Japan, huh???

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