Wednesday, October 14, 2009

KOHINOOR, Capsquare

Normally, my encounter with Indian food were just either at mamak the most or at banana leaf...And this shall the first time trying out Indian food at a posh place - KOHINOOR @ Capsquare, thanks Liew for the recommendation.

KOHINOOR was awarded by Malaysia Tatler as Best Restaurant - 2006

The place to go for fine dining Indian cuisine...

Not so familiar with Indian food, plus the menu with the direct Indian translation has made it even more difficult for us. Thus, we just let them to recommend us on the dishes...

We start with some pappadam lookalike, dipped with some cold sauce

A colorful array of our Indian dishes. But frankly I really don't know what's the name of all this dishes. But I what I can tell you is the red curry is cooked together with chicken meat. While the greeny stuff is cooked with some dice tofu. And lastly, the dhal color sort of dish is cooked with fish meat.

Still left with so much gravy, you can dipped it together with the Onion Naan which taste good...taste like a lil fried bread but less oily than roti canai...

Overall, the food is here were not really that spicy and its flavorful enough. I wonder it the spices are flown from India, as it's look and taste differently from those Indian food I used to have... A great place if you would like to try for Indian fine dining

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