Sunday, October 18, 2009

lapis sandwich+juice

Joveen were craving for fruit juice that day, a healthier drink for health I think...So the only choice is lapis which is a few steps from our office.

cosy little cafe...

with same colourful wall paper...

Fruit juice @ RM5.50, was thinking was that a lil pricy? Ermm, unless it's purely 100% juice with no water added, then it's worth the price...

Or, well should I say it this way?
RM5.50 - a cup of fruit juice
RM10 - sandwhich + soft drink
RM11 - steamboat + soft drink
RM13 - sandwhich + fruit juice
RM14 - steamboat + fruit juice

And in the end, all of us have choose for the last one.Have you ever have steamboat for lunch during working day? I have to say this is my first time...

Choices of soup - clear soup or tom yum with everyone having their individually pot...talking about hygiene...

A box of varities - similar to those we can get from the normal steamboat session. Just that it's in a box...

Vege, straw mushroom, cabbage, carrot, baby corn, tofu, varities of fishcake and fishball, prawn, chicken meat, egg, mee hoon...

The whole eating experience here make me think that steamboat has become a fast food as well, hahaha...anything is possible

lapis sandwich+juice
9, Jalan Ampang
#05-00 Ming Annexe
50450 Jalan Ampang

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