Thursday, December 31, 2009

Delicious @ Bangsar Village II

At first, I have thought that we just go for tea or coffee, or with a slice of cake perhaps...but she insist to go dinner?Later on, when we have settled down on Delicious only I know bout it...Yea, a good news which I'm happy for her

I don't know Delicious have that much of outlets:- one utama, bangsar and kl. The one that I know is that one at KL, which is at Marc Service Residence somewhere very near to KLCC. A very comforting place full of blues, whites and also bird cage can have a relaxing time chatting with your friends which both of us do...

We reached there during dinner time and obviously it was packed. With no choice, we were seated near to the entrance which were kinda dim and dark. From the photos shown below, you might suspect that we are eating in a dark room, haha...

mine - frostee lychee, blended ice with real lychee inside. it's good as it's not overly sweet...

iced peach tea...

Antipasti platter for a starter - good for sharing. Erm, I can't remember all the name of the dishes here but as you can see mostly of it is sauteed vege - abalone mushroom, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, brinjals, roasted garlic, seafood - prawns & squid, and duck liver pate placed in the center which we eat together with crackers...all cooked in a unique different way

Our pasta...

Thanks again gal! for the delicious dinner at Delicious

GF-1, Ground Floor
Bangsar Village II
2, Jalan Telawi 1

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