Saturday, December 19, 2009

Munakata Buffet dinner

It's time to meet up with my ex-HP mate again, the ones that will get along what also can, go where also, and of course eat what also can. Just love you all! This time Jessey had suggested to go Munakata which seems to be serving authentic Japanese food, i guess we can get to have simpler, more traditional and less fancy japanese meal...who cares as long as the food is tasty, rite...

Munakata is actually located at Life Center, the same place as TGI Friday...which I will pass by everyday when I go to work. 2 months back, the price for buffet is still RM60, but this time it has increased to RM70

Japanese liquor on display...

I think it's better for us to stick with green tea... this is the cold one

While this is the warm green tea...wondering why it's not green in colour

I always like to have miso soup...tofu bits, seaweed and the spring onion went so well with it...

Due to overwhelming business on yesternite...they ran out of salmon sashimi and this is what we get...i'm ok with it, but some of them don't quite like it

Pan fry King Oyster Mushroom with butter

Say yes to mushroom, I'll just love to eat any mushroom...more mushroom please. Pan-fry fresh straw mushroom with butter

Deep fried Japanese Glass Shrimp, crunchy and good to munch. But it's kindy salty, good to go together with sake

Grilled mackarel

Umagi Tamago – Grilled eel wrapped in cooked egg...unagi lover must try this!

Deep fried bean curd with thick starchy sauce

More food:-

Ok for dessert, only 3 choices are available, green tea ice with red bean or vanila ice cream..

Sliced fruits...

Japanese Restaurant Munakata
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre,
No. 20, Jalan Sultain Ismail,
50250, KL
Tel: 03-21667441

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