Monday, January 11, 2010

Ko Hyang @ The Gardens

I've not been a fan of Korean food. But being a person which likes to eat and trying for new thing, I have give Ko Hyang @ The Gardens a try. Another reason is also I have read some good review on this place. Maybe it's worth a try...Ko Hyang is just next to Justlife and also on the same floor as Din Tai Fung...

Our free banchan and seaweed soup...and I'll eating using this loongg stainless steel spoon like those in Korean movie...

My bibimbap which taste good as how it looks like...You can choose to have either chicken/beef. Eating your rice together with so many vegetable is definetly a healthier choice...Make sure your stir it well before eating

Dak Bokem which is a dish of chicken meat cooked in spicy sauce...Don't be fooled by the first few bites as after that, you'll starts to feel the spiciness numb in your mouth and stomach...Eating together with the bowl of rice will sure to lessen the spiciness...

Overall it's a pleasant dining experience of me eating Korean food at Ko Hyang...

Ko Hyang
Korean Country Delights
LG-KG05, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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