Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head Noodle

Looking for a bowl of good Fish Head Noodle? Soon Soon Lye at Puchong may be the answer. Main attraction is of course the Salmon Fish Head Noodle which can be seen served on each table...Or perhaps, the gigantic wallpaper menu can make your ordering more easier?

A plate of 5 flower shapped Fried Wantan RM4.50

Fried Fu Chuk RM4.50 were crispy and you can taste that the fish paste is very fresh...

Does this bowl Fish Paste Noodle RM 7.50 enough to make you hungry?Again, the thick fish paste is so springy and fresh... The soup were sweet enough, its' must be the sweetness fish. And to our surprise, we can even find some yam cubes in it...

And this is what we are here for:- Fresh Salmon Sashimi RM10.90 for 5 pieces...And FYI it's only available on weekends. Pheww, we were lucky that we are there on Sunday. If not, we'll surely end up with disspointment...And because of Jojo, we have 3 plates of this...

And this is Fresh Salmon Noodle RM12.80 which come with a bowl of plain thick meehon and also 5 pcs of salmon...The salmon cooked instantly once it was put into the noodle....Anyway, I still prefer my salmon to be raw...

And that should be the story of my satisying brunch last Sunday...

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head Noodle
23, Jalan Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong
03-8063 5235

Open daily 9am to 9pm

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