Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Steamboat Ketam Village

Looking at this place, it can be difficult to guess that it's a place for steamboat. For me it's looks more like a coffee lounge, isn't? Back to eating steamboat, normally I'll have it at the roadside stall...Lai Fun says we need to upgrade, and that's why we are here...haha, funny girl

Okie, so eating here were like eating in a cleaner environment, having cleaner eating utensil, and as lai fun says more high class as we are eating in air-conditioned place...Oh yea, we'll have our personal pot as well...Anyway I still prefer eating in a big pot with everyone sharing and digging in the same pot... Soup based to choose:- Clear soup, Tom Yum and also Laksa

Nicely decorated steamboat platter @ 22.80...

Simpler set:- Fish Ball Noodle Set @ 8.80, Dumpling noodle set @ RM9.80, Sliced Beef Noodle Set @ RM10.80

Sliced Lamb with comes together with RM22.80 set...

Add on:- Bamboo Fish Paste @ RM7.90

Yee Mee @ RM2.30

For me, this can be considered as a place to go if you would like to have steamboat at a cleaner environment + air cond. Price were reasonable as well with the fresh food served... But it's definetly not a place if you would like to chit chat n relax with friends after eating. As when there are more people, this place tend to be very noisy.

The Steamboat,
GF-08, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52100 KL

Tel: 03-6280 8889

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