Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tempt-a-tempt (revisit)

During my first visit which is half year ago, this place have actually score some plus point in my food diary. Thus I'm back again with curiosity.

This place were still as good as its were...see how good they maintain it.

Their utensil are still shining... geng le

The kids all time favourite Ribena Longan RM3.50. And Chinese tea RM1.50 (refillable) for us.

We missed the XO Loh Mee RM10 so much which we couldn't resist to order it again. It's taste exactly the same as we previously had it. It doesn't dissapoint us. With big prawn and abalone slice, eating Loh Mee suddenly become so luxurios, haha...

The Roast section only left with Char Siew and Roast Duck that night, so I have no choice but go for the Double-up BBQ Combo Rice RM8.80 instead of Triple-up. Absolutely no complain with the succulent caramalised char siew and thinly sliced duck meat. Sliced cucumber has also been replaced with fresh salad. Just that I don't like they serve it with plain rice...

Hubby's Char Siew Wanton Noodle RM8.80 served with the nicely arranged Char Siew and huge Prawn Meat Wanton...Talking bout satisfaction, this is it...

Great place where the food were still at a standard quality...Service were friendly and attentive too. Perhpas 3rd visit soon?

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Loveaholic said...

You make me feeling like eating the loh mee leh, really tempt@tempt.. haha. But cheras too far. Sigh..

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