Friday, February 19, 2010

Yuzu @ The Gardens

It's Chinese New Year again and as our Chinese saying "wan sek" which means we work to find money to feed ourselves. And that's the motto which I'm living to...What's else better than to treat ourselves a decent meal from the hard earned money...Well, we need to pamper ourselves once a while...

Yuzu, a Japanese restaurant located at 3rd floor at Gardens where the fish, meat and vegetables are flown weekly from Japan are just the right choice...

Elegant and classy interior and this is the place we are seated, near the window overlooking the view outside.

Stomach were growling as it was near lunch time and we did not have breakfast for that day... Katsu Don (RM22) was a life saviour for us... Rice topped with breaded chicken cutlet cooked with egg served with pickles and miso can be very fulfilling.

And the rest of the set meal that we ordered is mainly because we are greedy to try more...Set meal is always the choice for us...

King Prawn Roll and Sashimi Set (RM38). King Prawn Sushi Roll and fresh raw fish served with egg custard, 2 small appetizer, small wheat noodles, teapot soup, pickes, salad and fruits. It was good, what else can we ask for.

Yuzu Bento (RM38) for greedy Mandy. Special box that come with sushi, deepfried chicken, tempura, small soba, vinegered dish and appetizer, egg custard, pickles, salad, small braised dish, tea pot soup, pudding and fruits. A real bargain for so many dishes!

Gyu Karubi Toubanyaki and Seafood Set (RM42). Sliced Japanese beef in hotplate and stonegrill salmon, scallop and prawn served with egg custard, 2 small appetizer, teapot soup, pickles, salad, fruits and rice. For beef and seafood lover!

Dessert? Why not? Dessert menu please, thank you...

Yuzu Ice Cream (RM8) were actually Vanilla Ice cream with Yuzu citrus skin. Macha Tiramisu (RM8) were a winner as we love the green tea tiramisu cake, together with the green tea ice cream were a perfect combination.

Don't mind to come back again and hope next time I'll concentrate more on their ala-carte dishes instead.Yuzu says that they fly in fresh seafood on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so if you are thinking to go, mark down these days to get the freshest!

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 – 2284 7663


Anonymous said...

seem nice... issit the at near parkson part?

Kevin Hap

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...


Wah, first time drop comment here.
Yuzu is located at pretty secluded area, next to isetan.

Try it out, I'm sure it won't dissapoints you.

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