Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Ben @ Pavillion

While coming up from the escalator, we pass by a colorful advertisement of Little Ben which catch our attention...they are now running promo on their set meal, from RM15 onwards you can have a set of decently balance meal which include drink, salad and also soup... Great bargain isn't it?

After I take a glance of the menu, I have decided to skip their set for something else. And this is my Ice Honey Lemon (RM7.90) and 100plus were hubby one which were included in the set. Both our drink were served together with Lemongrass stick and lemon slice, even for the 100plus...

This salad were also included in the set meal. It's very sweet but trust me, there were no sugar added. I believe it's because of the fuji apple slices and dragonfruit in it which contribute to the level of sweetness...

My meal come first which is the Flavour Sauce Vegetable Rice RM10.90, suitable for vegetarian as well. The plain rice topped with sweet and crunchy vegetarian minced meat taste great...

And this is my plate of colorful vege with oyster sauce and sprinkle of sesame. At this moment, I suddenly feel myself eating so healthily.

And this is hubby Fried Chicken Bento RM15.90. Served with fragrant rice, fried chicken drumstick, boiled egg, assorted vege and clear soup is sure going to be a balance of everything inside. I quite like they way they display their food. Beside colorful enough, it's also nicely display. It's makes me fell happy when I'm eating it.

Their takeaway container looks very cute~~

Little Ben
Lot No. 1.28.00,
Level 1, Pavillion
Tel. : 03-2144 3055

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