Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's weekend again! gotta enjoy

It's weekend...The happiest day in the week to be enjoy. Nothing much happened this week, as usual spend times for the family and also children.

Spotted this in the SUN that day. I remember that I have read review bout this place last year. And this year, they have the buffet promo again. Have called them for reservation but it seems that its fully booked for this 2 weeks. Only managed to get a place for the next 3 weeks. Looking foward for it and hope it doesn't dissapoint me.


Supposed to be joining my coll to Melaka last weekend, but not able to make it. Still, there were souvenier for me. Thanks Joveen for this handmade key chain.


Hubby were outstation to Thailand and as usual he will get me my favourite Coca Cola can. With the world cup season, you can expect the current can with world cup theme.


More of them which come in all sizes:- fat, thin, short, tall...


Also, more of the cute cute tissue for me...


Do you feel a lil hungry now?


How bout some dessert?


I'm really getting hungry now...Gotta go and look for food. Till then, hope you enjoy your weekend too...

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