Saturday, April 17, 2010

Koryo Won @ KLCC

Koryo-won, located at the top floor of KLCC is a place which is famous for Korean cuisine. I remember I have been to the one at Jalan P Ramlee few years back. Back then there were not much people there. Perhaps it was already late tonite, not much people here as well...The other 2 table seems to be Koreans were enjoying their BBQ prepared by the staff...


Variety of banchans were served to us shortly after we have made our order. This mini appetizers usually served in Korean restaturant is also something which I like. Often it is something light and crunchy for example like vegetable. Tonight we have fish cake, bean sprout, lotus root, spinach, kimchi and also green chilies and anchovies.


Rice in stainless steel bowl...


Kimchi Chigae is some sort of a spicy vegetables and glass noodle stewed in kimchi broth. The soup were rather spicy and sourish. You can choose to have either Chicken or Beef.


While Doenjang Chigae is the only non-spicy dish which is vegetable, tofu and bean paste soup. Instead of chicken or beef, the staff there have recommended us to choose the seafood version so that the soup will tend to be sweeter.

No complaint of the food but the weather were really hot recently and after we had this meal, we feel even hotter. We have just choose the wrong timing for this hot pot stuff...Perhaps, when the weather have cool down, I'll go and try for the Korean BBQ.

418/419, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC,
Jalan Ampang,
50088, Kuala Lumpur

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