Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bangkok ~ the final chapter

The sleep yesterday night were the most uncomfortable one. With the sound of gunshoots and explosion which cleary heard even on the 10th floor, I bet no one can sleep peacefully that night. Which also explains we getting our breakfast quite late today...The colourful palate of the breakfast seems to cheer us up abit. Today there were spaghetti and it was yummy...


Egg, egg and more egg...


After bath, we thought want to try our luck out there...There still taxis outside but on the road, its seems to be quieter and less people...Went to Patong again but the route seems to be longer than yesterday. All to be blame is on the road closure...Narayana is closed again. Seems that we won't get it this time...No more place that we can go now. We actually waited quite long for another taxi that suggest us to a shopping center which is abit from Bangkok - The Big C. Nothing much to buy there and at when it's close to lunch time, we went back to Chinatown...

Hua Seng Hong looks exactly like a typical chinese restaurant, very the chinese feel, hahaha...It's Michelle birthday today, just thought want to have something nice for her.


There's dim sum on the menu, we ordered the most common Har Gau and Siew Mai to try...Totally dissapointed, those back in KL roadside stall fare even better.


Mix vegetable with glass noodle, so so loh...


Steamed fish, failed. Fish not fresh and overcooked. I don't know to cook well but I still know the spring onion are to be put later. From the look of this, they definitely steamed the spring onion together with the fish...


I wonder why there are a few bean sprouts at this Or Jien?


But still I feel content now, cause I found one more collection for my Coca Cola at a roadside stall just now...That auntie quite reluctant to sold to me at first. Because it's actually a 2009 coca cola. Nice?


Full stomach, sleepy and on a hot day with no more place to go, back to hotel is the only choice...But there's no more taxi and when there is, none of them want to go to our hotel. After quite long there is one demanded 200 baht which we eventually give in since no more taxi want to go there...And only that time we know how serious is the situation now because the riot has now got into our hotel area...The road to our hotel is closed, so the taxi stopped us halfway and we need to walk for more than 1/2 hour. This is the most scary moment of my life and I can't remember how fast I have walk but that should be the fasted in my life. Passing those protester and army on the road. Their looks is really scaryyy!! When I reached hotel, everyone in there seems to be so panicked, so do us...

Our hotel entrance were blocked at this moment...


The rest of the day we just spend in the hotel. And the situation continue till night time.

Funny part is when the manager ask us whether we wanted to go to 7 Eleven which thought it's abit ridiculous but he assured us that it was safe. So we followed him to another street which is about 5 min walk from the back of the hotel...

Their 7 Eleven even sell birthday cake, really wanted to buy it for Michelle...


Bought some compact sandwhiches and dim sum for supper, hahaha...You must saying that I still got mood for supper, rite?


We couldn't really sleep well that night...Woke up quite early the next day since we are going back to KL. After breakfast, we straight away checked for taxi which demanded 1000 baht to airport, normally is only 400 baht the max...Flight were 3pm but we already leaving the hotel at 11am...Its should be safer in airport there...

Some of things I managed to grab these few days...


With that it come to the end of my journey and thank god I arrived back to KL safely... I really wish I can go to Bangkok again and because of that, I couldn't resist to booked the Air Asia cheap ticket. RM175 for 3 day 2 night including hotel, cheap cheap cheap...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bangkok 2nd day ~ Big breakfast, Floating Market and Chinatown

The one hour time zone can really make a big difference. At here, I didn't even bother to change it to local thai time, which make it a bit difficult when they ask me the time. With that, I also have my breakfast as early as 6am at local thai time. This is because when it's 6am in Bangkok, it's already 7am in KL. You wouldn't believe that the sky were already very bright that time...

Breakfast at the garden, with the green green plants and trees...


Most of the people staying at this hotel are foreigners. I can say 90% of them is Ang Moh. Breakfast here were served western style as well with lots lots of variety, it's actually just too much for you to choose...


Most of the shopping centre has been closed down during this red shirt incident, so choices of place to go were limited. One of the place we can go is to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market at Ratchaburi which we thought might be one in a lifetime experience. But the taxi driver demanded 1500 baht for us to go there, and after some bargaining it was 1000 baht with condition we need to stop at Gem World.... This is going to be the most expensive taxi ride in my whole life. And when we reached there, we still need to pay extra 600 baht each for the ride...Pengsan jor!


At here, you are shopping on water. You can get all sort of souveniers for example like key chain, t-shirt and their handmade stuff but of course you need to do some bargaining. For me, I'm here to take some nice photos. There food sold by them were very tempting as well. We have tried on the mini coconut pancake and satay which taste very nice...


How they do their business...


We continue to another new journey to Chinatown after ending our Floating Market trip. You can see there's chinese writing at every corner of the shop here. There's lot of peoples, taxi and roadside stall on the street. It's just so lively and happening here...


Their life can be very simple. As simple as selling roasted tapioca for living...


You have eaten sashimi and you like it very much. How bout trying on some new interesting stuff like this raw crab and prawn? Actually until now, I'm still wondering is those stuff are to be eaten raw??


It's close to late lunch and our stomach are starting to make noise. With don't know what is nice to eat, we just try our luck on this stall...


Finally, I get my first bowl of tom yum at Bangkok here...with lots of prawns. Really satisfied...


Oh my God! I really like this dish. Crispy friend siew yok with lots of lots of garlic...Have ever eat siew yok this way before...


Overall, it's just some simple dishes but it's cooked with full of flavor and wok hei...

After the meal, we continue shopping around that area. And later on to Suam Lum and Pat Pong but most of the shops closed and we starting to feel uneasy and straight headed back to hotel. It was rather chaotic while we are on the way back. Out of the 5 lanes, 3 lanes were parked by taxi and tuk tuk and we can see lots of the red shirts protestor on the road.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangkok 1st day

The day before I rushing like mad to clear all my work and also settle all the family issue and packing my luggage last minute. And now here I am at LCCT ready to fly to Bangkok, to the land of smile. Was pretty excited actually to escape from work and go travel abroad with friends.


RM9 for this spaghetti, no choice if you are hungry and already in the flight...


In the flight, Michelle give us 1500 baht each to "chak toi"


After appoximately 2 hour flight, we have finally reached Bangkok. It was already late evening by the time we check out our luggage. The colour of the taxi here are different from ours in KL. There are all in bright colour like this one. I guess it's easier for the tourist to spot the taxi on the street. And it's all Toyota Vios...


First thing to do of course to check in to hotel. Michelle friend suggested Indra Regent to her which is very convinient and near to the shopping area. On the way from airport to hotel, we have passed thru the area where the red shirt protest which is very near to this hotel. But the hotel staff and taxi driver had assured us, the did not fight and ask us not to worried. At this moment, I think we can only trust their words...


More money to go shopping...I'm not greedy, just wish that if all these is in RM will be enough, haha...


After bath, we go loittering around the busy street hoping to get some nice tom yum. But eventually our mission failed as we are too hungry. Ended up with a roadside stall selling noddle.


The thais just like to add these extras in to their noodles. I could accept adding in those chilis and chili sauce but sugar? Looking around the people, I can see their whole bowl of noodle is red in colour...


For me, I rather stick back to the original one. 35 bath for a satisfying bowl of noodle before continue our journey...


The first night here were more on surveying the price rather than buying. As we still have 3 more days here. Furthermore we are pretty sure there are other place selling the same item with lower price...Tapau some nice snacks back to hotel for supper...


The stalls closed pretty early today bout 9pm plus. Usually they don't closed this early, I think. So we just went to 7 Eleven to stock up on some drinks and cup mee for emergency.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home finally...

The most unforgetable oversea trip in my lifetime shall be this one which is in Bangkok 2010 during the red shirt incident. Everything that happened last few days were just like a dream. Gunshot and explosion everywhere, seeing hundreds or maybe thousands of people protesting on the street. I think I have never seeing so much police and army in my lifetime ever. And walking on an empty street of a street which used to be the busiest...

This street in front of my hotel in Pratunam is totally different from the first day I'm here...I remember this street is full of people, taxi, tuk tuk and roadside stalls


And now those shops are forced to closed down... Everyone are advice to stay inside. Even the Skytrain has stopped their service...


A tuk tuk waiting for customer at Pat Pong...


Naraya were also closed...We have risk our life here to end up with dissapointment...


Hope everything will come to an end soon...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking a break...

Passport - checked
Travel insurance -bought (beneficiary is hubby)
Luggage - not yet pack a single thing
Thai baht - checked

Hehehe...Looking at the last statement I'm pretty sure everyone can guess where I'm going these few days. Yea, will be going to Bangkok tomorrow. Ticket were already booked since last year during Air Asia zero fair promotion. Just that who knows and expect the protest might happened?which we called off our travel trip initially. Mana tau, Michelle call me on Monday night whether to carry on...she says the situation there were getting better.

So, just go and hope everything is fine and went on smoothly.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Loves Bakery

I could not help myself but to fall in loves with the cakes that Joveen brought to office that day...Straight away I ask her for the direction and make my way there...Anyway it's still in Cheras area. How come me myself a Cheras folk don't know about this Bakery? While she's from Sentul and her aunt from Balakong coming all the way here...With that, I don't think I need to say more...

Once stepped in, it's looks no difference with those normal bakery around the neighbourhood area...but the fact is you could not imagine there's so much to offer here...


Green tea bread, Soya bread and even Charcoal bread...


How bout some Roti Kura kura...(tortoise bread)


Looking for something sweet and cute??


Just now it's the bread...Now it's the cake, charcoal and soya cake... pretty interesting


We have ordered a few slices to try...All of them taste very light, less creamy and less sweet as well...which equal to guilt free and also more healthy eating...


Was eyeing for something cold and this mango pudding were the right choice...the bottom layer were the pudding while the upper layer were the trasparent jelly with peach slices, longan and also strawberry.


Yea, we go, we see, we eat and we also buy and tapao, hahaha... Don't forget to try their soya cake and also japanese chocolate cake.


Well, you'll definetely spoilt for choices here...what you see here is just a part of it. Tastewise is as what I have say - less sweet and light. Prices were considered reasonable as well...not overpricing but perhaps it's Cheras area. If this were at Hartamas or Bangsar area, I doubt you can get the same thing for the same price..

Anyway, I'm now so excited to go there again this weekend.(to try those I have not try)

Loves Bakery(right behind Petronas)
No. 1, 1A Jalan Bunga Tanjung
8B Taman Putra, Cheras
68000 Ampang
03-4293 0400
From 9am till 9pm (365 days)
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