Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangkok 1st day

The day before I rushing like mad to clear all my work and also settle all the family issue and packing my luggage last minute. And now here I am at LCCT ready to fly to Bangkok, to the land of smile. Was pretty excited actually to escape from work and go travel abroad with friends.


RM9 for this spaghetti, no choice if you are hungry and already in the flight...


In the flight, Michelle give us 1500 baht each to "chak toi"


After appoximately 2 hour flight, we have finally reached Bangkok. It was already late evening by the time we check out our luggage. The colour of the taxi here are different from ours in KL. There are all in bright colour like this one. I guess it's easier for the tourist to spot the taxi on the street. And it's all Toyota Vios...


First thing to do of course to check in to hotel. Michelle friend suggested Indra Regent to her which is very convinient and near to the shopping area. On the way from airport to hotel, we have passed thru the area where the red shirt protest which is very near to this hotel. But the hotel staff and taxi driver had assured us, the did not fight and ask us not to worried. At this moment, I think we can only trust their words...


More money to go shopping...I'm not greedy, just wish that if all these is in RM will be enough, haha...


After bath, we go loittering around the busy street hoping to get some nice tom yum. But eventually our mission failed as we are too hungry. Ended up with a roadside stall selling noddle.


The thais just like to add these extras in to their noodles. I could accept adding in those chilis and chili sauce but sugar? Looking around the people, I can see their whole bowl of noodle is red in colour...


For me, I rather stick back to the original one. 35 bath for a satisfying bowl of noodle before continue our journey...


The first night here were more on surveying the price rather than buying. As we still have 3 more days here. Furthermore we are pretty sure there are other place selling the same item with lower price...Tapau some nice snacks back to hotel for supper...


The stalls closed pretty early today bout 9pm plus. Usually they don't closed this early, I think. So we just went to 7 Eleven to stock up on some drinks and cup mee for emergency.

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