Saturday, May 1, 2010

Indulge @ Tropicana City Mall

Counting the days and found out that I have not catch up with Jessey for some time. It were either I'm been busy and also the other way. Finally got the chance to meet up on Friday...And as usual we'll find a nice place for dinner which is somewhere near PJ area...

While hunting for a nice place, we pass by Indulge and we got attracted to the decor...A sense of comfy and relaxing...It's Friday and after days of hardwork we need to indulge too.


Suddenly yellow have been my favourite colour...


Yellow colour menu...


Apple Cucumber Cooler taste refreshing at first but after sometimes its getting bitter...the effect of the cucumber, i think. Ice Lemon Tea shall always be the wise choice...


We had a soup of the day for sharing. Today they have the minestrone soup. Both of us like the soup. The tomato paste with lots of vegetable chunk in it...


Starter platter with smoked salmon & salad, fried soft shell crab, fried chicken wing with sweet sauce and also a bowl of vegetable stick...


The lamb lover had choose Duo of Lamb as her main. Lamb cook two way, lamb goulash and grilled lamb rack. The dish looks interesting and nicely presented. There were also some greens for you to balance back the meat intake...


As for me I have choose for something fishy Crispy Skin Salmon... Served together with vegetables and mashed potato. It's very a filling meal.


Youd wouldn't believe that we still have space for dessert...We have choose 2 dessert Creame Brulee and Crepes Suzzette. Was a little dissapointing with the dessert. It wasn't too bad, just so so only. I guess its because I always put high expectation for dessert.


After all, both of us enjoy the meal and wouldn't mind come back again for the interesting starter and main dish...I heard they have set lunch too...

L1-12 Level One
Tropicana City Mall
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03- 7710 6112

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