Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Loves Bakery

I could not help myself but to fall in loves with the cakes that Joveen brought to office that day...Straight away I ask her for the direction and make my way there...Anyway it's still in Cheras area. How come me myself a Cheras folk don't know about this Bakery? While she's from Sentul and her aunt from Balakong coming all the way here...With that, I don't think I need to say more...

Once stepped in, it's looks no difference with those normal bakery around the neighbourhood area...but the fact is you could not imagine there's so much to offer here...


Green tea bread, Soya bread and even Charcoal bread...


How bout some Roti Kura kura...(tortoise bread)


Looking for something sweet and cute??


Just now it's the bread...Now it's the cake, charcoal and soya cake... pretty interesting


We have ordered a few slices to try...All of them taste very light, less creamy and less sweet as well...which equal to guilt free and also more healthy eating...


Was eyeing for something cold and this mango pudding were the right choice...the bottom layer were the pudding while the upper layer were the trasparent jelly with peach slices, longan and also strawberry.


Yea, we go, we see, we eat and we also buy and tapao, hahaha... Don't forget to try their soya cake and also japanese chocolate cake.


Well, you'll definetely spoilt for choices here...what you see here is just a part of it. Tastewise is as what I have say - less sweet and light. Prices were considered reasonable as well...not overpricing but perhaps it's Cheras area. If this were at Hartamas or Bangsar area, I doubt you can get the same thing for the same price..

Anyway, I'm now so excited to go there again this weekend.(to try those I have not try)

Loves Bakery(right behind Petronas)
No. 1, 1A Jalan Bunga Tanjung
8B Taman Putra, Cheras
68000 Ampang
03-4293 0400
From 9am till 9pm (365 days)


Simonne said...

Ah i know where this bakery shop is
I love their soya cake!

Danny Chia said...

Worse bakery
Worse service
Complain to the old aunty, she dont care and say not her problem!!!

When ask more question on phone, she just hang up the phone

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