Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking a break...

Passport - checked
Travel insurance -bought (beneficiary is hubby)
Luggage - not yet pack a single thing
Thai baht - checked

Hehehe...Looking at the last statement I'm pretty sure everyone can guess where I'm going these few days. Yea, will be going to Bangkok tomorrow. Ticket were already booked since last year during Air Asia zero fair promotion. Just that who knows and expect the protest might happened?which we called off our travel trip initially. Mana tau, Michelle call me on Monday night whether to carry on...she says the situation there were getting better.

So, just go and hope everything is fine and went on smoothly.


Kevin7 said...

Have a pleasant trip and enjoyz ...

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...

thanks kevin...will get u one pepsi

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