Saturday, June 12, 2010

Typica Cafe @ Shaw Parade

You like coffee?For me I would rather says that I'll always enjoy a cup of coffee whenever there is a chance...If you enjoy coffee like how I do, you can have a try on this cafe located at the corner of Shaw Parade. I spotted this place the last time I were at Purple Cane for lunch, totally forgot bout it till I was looking for a place for coffee last week...


The place were not really big, there's only bout 3-4 tables I think...Or else, you can opt to sit at the bar which can accommodate bout 4-5 people. It can be quite relaxing sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee. With their wide selection of choices, I'm sure there must be one that suit you...


This is not a ordinary plain water. It's actually plain water + lemon


Since it's hot day, both of us had choose for Iced Coffee instead. Green Tea Coffee and Mint Coffee...


It's even better to enjoy the coffee with a slice of cake. We have choose the yam cake...taste really good


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