Saturday, July 31, 2010

Having my evening tea...

I'm a person that really like to enjoy especially when it come to food and kawai stuff. Totally a spendthrift person. Have told myself alot of time to save money and not to spend money unnecessarily. It's sound so simple yet I still can't do it. Which mean I need a job to continue this kind of lifestlye. And finding a job which you like is really difficult. At the same time, I wanted to rest a while before stepping back to the working world. Can I?

Asking me stop spending money is just as difficult as asking a smoker to quit smoking. Get it? It's just like when I thought wanna to save abit so this year we go to Love Bakery to order Jo's birhthday cake. The cake were only about RM30++ plus but eventually I spend RM20++ more when I saw those irrestable cookies, bread and chocolate cake...

At this moment, I really wish that I can strike the jackpot, but the problem is I didn't buy it, hahaha....


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's go to zoo...

The kids are pretty excited today. It's all because we will bring them to the zoo. All the while they just see those animals in tv or magazine and now they get to see it in real...Well, I'm excited too since the last time I've been here were probably 2 decade ago.

We arrived we get a near to entrance parking, so we no need to queue long for ticket and also there's less crowd


So what you called this? A poney? or a donkey? I'm just so poor at recognizing them...


The lazy bums...


This place have certainly changed alot since the last time I come.


Funny flamingos...They won't fly far...and no matter how far they go, they'll still end up back to the lake...


The lion...


The tiger...


Perhaps it's really a hot day...All the animals seems to be lazying around...


This sun bear getting so excited seeing us...hehe


He looks so boring huh, don't know what's on his mind??

DSC09143a's a goat! It's until that extend that seeing a goat as it only left those in the zoo...


The kids get to feed the giraffe...hungry giraffe


After feeding them we are hungy too...Times for us to go lunch...


It's a Tiring + Fun day!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I love Coke~~

Friends are great. Friends are superb when they remember what you like. Yeah, they all know I like Coke. That was the best souvenir ever!


Not a fan of pepsi, but this one really do look cheerful

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Restoran Kar Long, Pudu

It was Ivy last day so we thought want to treat her for a nice dinner, another way to express our thanks for her guidance thru these 2 years here... Time flies and its time for her to go back to Shanghai...gonna miss all those Shanghai mini snacks from her...

It's really sort of funny that we end up bringing her to a restaurant in Pudu which serves authentic China food. Restoran Kar Long looks like a typical China restaurant. All the diners here speaking in a very heavy China accent, and so does the waitress...


Here, I have the best dumpling I ever had. Price at 70 cent each, its not considered pricey at all. There were a few type of filling to choose. We had the spring onion and mushroom.


And the rest of the dishes we had tonight were all cooked with abundance of dried chili. I'm not sure which province of China serving this kind of food, Szechuan maybe? Whatever... Strangely it's not that spicy as how it's looks like, just that we think its kinda salty...

Stir fried long bean with dried shrimp


They called it "sui chu yue" which literally mean water cook fish.


Delicious fried squid which fried till golden brown...


Nope, even the japanese beancurd are not spared to cook together with the green chilies...


Restoran Kar Long
39, Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 K.L
03-2141 1688

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jing Si Restaurant & Cafe

Jing Si Restaurant & Cafe which in Connaught looks very like a decent vegetarian hut to me. I often seeing it full house whenever I pass by. And the sudden urge to eat healthily had make me wanted to eat here...It was on Sunday noon when we there and surprisingly it empty with us being the only customer.


Looking at this luscious mutton curry rice, I starting to think is eating vegetarian really that healthy? Just put some imagination and this mock mutton can be as tasty as the real one...


Vegetarian sparerib which is actually made from mushroom root is another of my favourite vegetarian dish, yummy...


Ordered 8 pieces of stuffed tofu because it's written on their menu is yong tau foo. I thought I will be getting those stuffed brinjal, lady finger or bittergourd...End up it really yong tau foo, haha...really funny...


I love mushroom and really really like to eat mushroom so this is also one of favourite dish today. It was simply stir fried but the mushroom is really sweet...


Eating vegetarian once a while can be quite enjoyable...

Jing Si Restaurant & Cafe
No. 146, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
Cheras, 56000 KL.
Tel:03-9102 3010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Taiwan Crispy Fried Chicken

Not long ago, hubby brought me to a foodcourt nearby his office and from there I have discovered a stall selling those taiwanese style fried chicken. At first I thought it was just like those selling at night market. But the business were quite good actually which I decided to give it a try... I think it was a bit special, because it taste abit like KFC...


Popcorn chicken which taste even better than KFC...


Guess what is this? This is the thing which somehow got me addicted...It's actually fried tofu cube. Cute? Again, its taste just like KFC, wahahaha...


Noticed that even their fries are covered with some sort of KFC like powder?


Bad news is the next few weeks I was there, the stall were no longer there...Am now missing and craving for the fried tofu cube...Anyone have any idea where is the fried chicken stall in Restoran KFL in Batu 9 Cheras has moved to?Please let me know, ok?
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