Saturday, July 31, 2010

Having my evening tea...

I'm a person that really like to enjoy especially when it come to food and kawai stuff. Totally a spendthrift person. Have told myself alot of time to save money and not to spend money unnecessarily. It's sound so simple yet I still can't do it. Which mean I need a job to continue this kind of lifestlye. And finding a job which you like is really difficult. At the same time, I wanted to rest a while before stepping back to the working world. Can I?

Asking me stop spending money is just as difficult as asking a smoker to quit smoking. Get it? It's just like when I thought wanna to save abit so this year we go to Love Bakery to order Jo's birhthday cake. The cake were only about RM30++ plus but eventually I spend RM20++ more when I saw those irrestable cookies, bread and chocolate cake...

At this moment, I really wish that I can strike the jackpot, but the problem is I didn't buy it, hahaha....


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