Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Restoran Kar Long, Pudu

It was Ivy last day so we thought want to treat her for a nice dinner, another way to express our thanks for her guidance thru these 2 years here... Time flies and its time for her to go back to Shanghai...gonna miss all those Shanghai mini snacks from her...

It's really sort of funny that we end up bringing her to a restaurant in Pudu which serves authentic China food. Restoran Kar Long looks like a typical China restaurant. All the diners here speaking in a very heavy China accent, and so does the waitress...


Here, I have the best dumpling I ever had. Price at 70 cent each, its not considered pricey at all. There were a few type of filling to choose. We had the spring onion and mushroom.


And the rest of the dishes we had tonight were all cooked with abundance of dried chili. I'm not sure which province of China serving this kind of food, Szechuan maybe? Whatever... Strangely it's not that spicy as how it's looks like, just that we think its kinda salty...

Stir fried long bean with dried shrimp


They called it "sui chu yue" which literally mean water cook fish.


Delicious fried squid which fried till golden brown...


Nope, even the japanese beancurd are not spared to cook together with the green chilies...


Restoran Kar Long
39, Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 K.L
03-2141 1688


Loveaholic said...

the squids look really delicious leh.. salivaling.. haha. when u free for makan again ? =)

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...

it's nice but it's kinda salty...i mean all the food is salty

jom, jom...let's go makan. I'm free anyday after the following week (next whole week need backup)

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