Friday, July 2, 2010

Taiwan Crispy Fried Chicken

Not long ago, hubby brought me to a foodcourt nearby his office and from there I have discovered a stall selling those taiwanese style fried chicken. At first I thought it was just like those selling at night market. But the business were quite good actually which I decided to give it a try... I think it was a bit special, because it taste abit like KFC...


Popcorn chicken which taste even better than KFC...


Guess what is this? This is the thing which somehow got me addicted...It's actually fried tofu cube. Cute? Again, its taste just like KFC, wahahaha...


Noticed that even their fries are covered with some sort of KFC like powder?


Bad news is the next few weeks I was there, the stall were no longer there...Am now missing and craving for the fried tofu cube...Anyone have any idea where is the fried chicken stall in Restoran KFL in Batu 9 Cheras has moved to?Please let me know, ok?

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