Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Siang @ Sogo

The first glimpse at this high class restaurant located at the highest floor at SOGO might make you think that the food is very expensive. But there was one thing that attracts us to come in. Want to know what is that? It's the Wise Spender set meal which cost RM10.80 only for a main dish plus a drink. Okie, it may sounds too good to be true but it's actually because this start from 2.30 pm right after you finish your lunch hour, hahaha...


Quite a wide variety for you to choose, from noodle to rice. I think there were about 20 choices. We had the Claypot Chicken Fillet with Dry chili and also Smoked Duck with Assorted mushroom. Both served together with fried rice and a mini salad. The food is so flavorful, just like those taste you get from the high class chinese restaurant.


Add RM1 for the dessert. And the dessert for the day is Sago Honey Dew. I am now all satisfied. What else can you ask for? Service is good. Since it's located inside SOGO, I believe this is an pork free restaurant.


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