Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bangkok again (part 4)

It's really a happening place at Chatuchak. When you are tired of the shopping, you may choose to rest while enjoying a drink at any of the nice cafe there...


First time eating a warm doughnut which on stick, not bad and it's only cost 13 baht...I had the green tea


One of the stall selling Som Tum, which a spicy salad made from shredded unripened papaya. You can have it with fried chicken, shrimp, squid, beef or even pork... A little spicy and sourish


Hubby can't take his eyes off when passing this stall displaying BIG prawns... The owner are so good, telling us that our tom yum and fried rice will cost 600 baht before placing our order to kitchen...she's being honest anyway as she's afraid we might complain later...


Our tom yum was the milky style which I quite like. The big prawns definetely make the soup alot sweeter and tastier...


Our fried rice with BIG prawns served on BIG plate, hahaha...taste normal but I like they present the food, like so grand!


Our dessert, very delicious homemade coconut ice cream...


Dinner were at Shabu Shi which we spotted after we went to Erawan for some prayers...Shabu Shi by OISHI is a Shabu-shabu and Sushi buffet served Kaiten style...


Just pay 282 baht and you can have 1 hour and 15 minits to eat anything which is on the kaiten belt...not bad huh


Salmon sashimi is a side order where you just need to pay 49 baht for 5 slices of thick salmon...


Tate cafe at airport is the cafe where we have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake before returing back to KL.


That come to the end of my Bangkok post. And you know what I'm already missing Bangkok and hopefully I can go again next year.

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