Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nihon Kai, Old Klang Road

How's ur Christmas? Hope you had a good one. As for me, hubby had booked a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner that day. Nihon Kai at Old Klang Road were highly recommended and promoted by his friends. Which is why he brought me there since he know I like Japanese food so much...

When we there, its was fully booked. Pheww, luckily hubby make a reservation earlier.


We ordered alot of food as we so tempting to try as much of food they have here.

Shake Sashimi RM21 for 5 thick slices of salmon...very nice!

Itako & Kurage RM6 were so so, abit dry or it should be really dry?

I gotta tell you that Japanese Salad is actually very nice. Really like this Shake Sashimi Salad RM15 which come in a very big bowl...

The assorted sushi we have ordered:-
Ebikko Sushi 4 pc - RM14
Ebi Sushi 2 pc - RM5
Shake Maki - RM16
Nihon Kai Sp Maki - RM16
Ebi Tenpura Maki - RM16

Ebi Tenpura Maki RM16, they use very big prawns for this tempura...

Shake Don....

Since it was Christmas, they have this special dinner set for RM38 which come with rice, miso soup and also chawanmushi...

Strawberry ice cream come with the X'mas Set...

More ice cream. Macha Ice Cream RM4 and Goma Ice Cream RM8. We all love the Goma Ice Cream but it was really a small scoop...

They do serve a wide selection of lunch and dinner set whereby dinner will be slighty more expensive by a few dollar.

If you plan to visit this place, make sure you make reservation. And now we have one more great option for Japanese food...

Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant
No-4-2 Jln Telok Gadong
Off Jalan Klang Lama
58100 KL
03-7982 3668
Lunch 12-3pm
Dinner 6-10pm

Friday, December 17, 2010

Good food arround you...

First, it was the home made meal by my aunts... chicken chop, fish chop, beef steak, pasta, salad, mashed potato, alot of greens and also mushroom soup...ahh, the feeling were so warm

Then, it was sister turn tapao all type of dim dum you can imagine... I love it but I'm abit scared of dim sum now...


Next, mom birthday dinner at Wing Heong...
Dragon boat, heard this is their award winning dish during a competition recently. Four type of different dish served on a boat, it's a very huge serving...


Next, we have a half serving of Pun Choy. Eventhough it was only a half serving, but we really got full with it. Imagine if it a full serving. Pun Choy may looks tricky as there is another layer of food beneath it.


A fish cooked two way, spicy and non-spicy. Of course, the fish slice were the favourite among us. Really full and the only thing I can do now is munching the carrot and celery stick...


The lovely home made cheese cake by aunt...we all laughed when aunt says the mint leave were pick from the garden...



Restoran Wing Heong
2014, Taman Bukit Blossom,
Jalan Tok Ungku, Seremban
70100 Negeri Sembilan.
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